Lost & Found

NashVegas Cab ™ Corporation understands our customers occasionally leave behind their valuables unintentionally in our taxi cabs. Our company policy is that every item lost and found must be returned in its original form to the rightful owners immediately. As a valuable customer if you lost an item, please report to our office immediately with relevant information for its safe return.

Our policy is also that every NashVegas Cab™ taxi driver must report to the office of any customers valuables immediately with a date and time of it occurrence and deliver it to the main office for safe keeping.  Please contact our office and let us help you recover it as soon as you notice it happened.

Our Business office is located at:

2803 Foster Avenue
Suite 106
Nashville, TN 37210
Business Office Phone (615) 333-6880
Business Office Fax(615) 333-6881
Email: info@nashvegascab.com

You can also call the dispatcher and let them know at (615) 332-3333

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and together we can make a difference. Our goal is to find your lost item and return it to you as soon as it happened or possible.